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I work with words. Sometimes I put a bunch of them together in this magical thing we call a book. When I do that, it'll show up here.*

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*Unless it's a secret magic book in which case you have to be part of the secret magic club to hear about it.

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I work with words. Sometimes I put them here in the form of posts that are either massively important and reflect the deepest depths of who I am or utterly irrelevant reflecting nothing more than a momentary whim.

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Was The Flash’s Musical Episode Really Better than Buffy’s?

I don’t usually watch the CW superhero shows the day they air, so I was…

About the Author

My name is Gregory Lynn, and if you haven't heard yet, I work with words.

I have written many, many versions of the text that belongs in this space. In some of the earliest versions, I talked about wanting to change the world. I didn't stick with those versions because I thought the notion of an unknown author stating his desire to change the world was pretentious at best.

Then I read Kameron Hurley's Geek Feminist Revolution and now I think merely talking about changing the world isn't doing nearly enough.

I believe our world can be better than it is and I believe words can help us get there. If you're with me, stick around, we just might accomplish something.