Fiverr for Fiction Writers

Building a writing career has never been this easy. All you have to do is write a great book, publish it yourself, and repeat the first two steps until you have an audience.

Well, almost.

There’s a step missing. Or rather, a detail not mentioned. When you publish your book, it has to look as professional as anything that comes from the big publishing firms. It has to have an excellent cover. It has to have a professional edit. It has to look pro and that takes money.

In Fiverr for Fiction Writers, I’ll show you how to make that money on Fiverr using the writing skills you already possess. If you’re apprehensive about the whole idea of selling your writing ability online, I get that. That was me once. Now I’m making a consistent side income on Fiverr in relatively few hours each week. I can show you how to make $200-$300 each month that you can put towards your cover, your editing, your formatting, and your promotional efforts.

It will take time, and you’ll have to learn some new writing skills on the way, but the boost your book gets from a professional look is one that simply can’t be replicated, bypassed, or ignored. If you want to be a pro, you have to look like a pro.

If you want a writing career, your books need to look great. If you want your books to look great, you have to pay cover designers, editors, formatters, and more.

I can help you earn the money to pay for it all.

Your dream is sitting out there just waiting for you to make it happen. Are you ready to seize it?

If so, order the book today. (Universal link, contains affiliate code.)

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