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All Systems Red Gobsmacked Me

On the surface, All Systems Red is about a scientific expedition to another planet that runs into trouble and terror when another scientific expedition is murdered. It is narrated by a security robot that hacked its governor module and named itself “murderbot.”

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What in the Name of a Bloody Two-Fingered Trolloc Haystack-Grunter Are the Creator and Dark One?

You can see in the light and you can’t in the Dark. I think Robert Jordan was telling us that the difference between good and bad is the ability to see the value of other people.

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Why You’re Wrong About Egwene al’Vere

Why You’re Wrong About Egwene al’Vere

There are people out there who think Egwene al’Vere is both a bad person and a bad character. I’m convinced it’s because these people don’t understand Egwene or the role she plays in The Wheel of Time.

You Should be Reading Rachel Aaron

You Should be Reading Rachel Aaron

If you’re the type to escape into books, I’d like to recommend two series from Rachel Aaron. Heartstriker’s is about a dragon who’s tired of dragons being all draconic. The DFZ series is about a young Korean woman who leaves college with a “useless” degree and a mountain of debt.