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About Me

Stories Change Lives

My name is Gregory Lynn. Most people call me Greg. Some people call me…other things.

I believe that stories are the most powerful force in the universe. Great stories make us feel something. They change hearts and hearts change minds. Change one mind and you can change the world. And frankly, this world could use a lot of changing.

I believe in stories that don’t simply entertain. We all love a charming rogue, but they’re best loved from a distance. I like heroes that win the day by being good people. I call that Humanist Fiction and in addition to using this site to promote my work and the stories I love, I’m going to make a special point of promoting the kind of fiction I feel will make this a better world.

If that sounds cool to you, following me on social might be a good idea. I’m most active on Twitter but hey, that could change. Warning, I swear a lot and talk about sex, politics, and religion, so you might hate me. Whatever, it’s cool.