Tales From the Mad Monk

Image is a cover for a book titled "Mind Your Fire" It features a castle with three turrets against a dark sky with some beams of light shining through.

I’m Writing a Novel

It’s an epic fantasy featuring a farm boy and a princess acting in ways you probably won’t expect. It’s about being true to yourself in the face of the world’s expectations and what happens when personal decisions have epic consequences.

I take my inspiration from folks like Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, and George RR Martin, who write epic tales in worlds that feel real with a cast of characters that feel like friends. 

If that sounds like your kind of thing, drop an e-mail address in the form below to be notified when it’s available.

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What I Love About Fantasy

What I Love About Fantasy

When I went through the wardrobe, I wasn’t the small shy kid who got overlooked by everyone. I wasn’t left on the sidelines. I had the inside scoop on something incredibly cool. That all my classmates had voted for it and thus also had the inside scoop was lost on first-grade me.

What I Hate about Fantasy

What I Hate about Fantasy

If you read this blog, there’s a good chance you have at least a dozen books on your shelf where someone is destined to save the world. They’re given special powers or a personality trait that is going to be the key thing that overcomes evil and allows goodness to thrive. It’s bullshit.

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