Star Wars

Star Wars was the first franchise that meant anything to me. I was six years old when the first movie came out and I had never seen anything so cool.

I’m substantially older now and while I’m completely over the Jedi, the universe has so many stories to tell that it will never not be cool.

This is where I write about it.

The Mandalorian

I was so excited for The Mandalorian that I accidentally signed up for Hulu and ESPN+. A live-action Star Wars story that wasn’t limited to a couple hours is something I’ve been dreaming about for literal decades.

I never really cared for the spaghetti westerns or the samurai movies that begat them, but that didn’t deter me from watching The Mandalorian. It has been everything I hoped for and more.

It became clear fairly early on that what we’re watching in The Mandalorian is the story of a man trying to figure out who he really is. That’s an incredibly common trope in literature, but it happens to be my favorite.

As a result, The Mandalorian is one of those shows that isn’t just something I watch; it’s something I eagerly anticipate watching and get giddy about. Whenever I watch it, I feel like reading everything the internet offers on it, but whenever I read the internet, I feel like it doesn’t address the things I want to read about.

So I’m going to write about them here.

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