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The Wheel of Time HAS to be for Everyone

by | Oct 17, 2021 | 0 comments

The Wheel of Time HAS to be for Everyone

Some things have happened in our community of late that leave me saddened.

I do not object to anyone having a private community and content creators need a back channel to coordinate guest appearances and so on.

I do not object to people sticking up for our one conduit to the Powers that Be.

I vociferously object to throwing the disabled and impaired members of our community under the bus to do so.

The Wheel of Time is, ultimately, about collective action for the greater good. It is about recognizing that, regardless of the size of our role, success would be impossible without all of us.

When they first came out, the books were far more diverse than anything else. The show is shaping up to take that further than an old white guy could. We are going to see black women as main characters. We’re going to see them as powerful world figures. We’re going to see mentally ill characters in every role imaginable.

I think we’re going to see gay and lesbian characters to a much greater degree than we saw in the books and I hope we see non-binary and trans characters portrayed positively.

We’re in this community because we love this work of literature. We love it for its complex characters, subtle foreshadowing, depth of description, and so much more.

Surely we can spare a little of that love for everyone in our community and politely demand that Amazon do everything in its power to make this show accessible to everyone.


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