What’s Next?

2020 was a remarkably shitty year in almost every respect and only the fact that my wife passed away in 2018 kept it from being the worst year of my life. It kicked my depression into high gear and made even trying to make a living something I could barely even comprehend.

That said, by the end of 2020, I’d seen a remarkable turnaround. I made enormous progress both in dealing with my grief and dealing with my depression. I feel like I’m ready to be a real person again. The difference in my everyday demeanor and motivation is astonishing.

For the first time since at least January of 2018, I feel like I’m in a position to accomplish something.

So…What’s Next Already?

I have two professional goals. One based on results and one based on process.


By the end of 2021, I want to have an independent writing career. That’s too vague so I’m aiming at publishing several novellas—my target is nine—and have produced a draft of a novel.


I also want to have cemented what I consider a pipeline method of producing new books where I do a little bit of outlining, a little bit of drafting, a little bit of editing, and a little bit of publishing every day.

That’s the ideal as it sits in my head today, and it’s far more important than the results goal. It’s based on the notion that if you just keep taking steps in the right direction, you’ll get there faster than you think, even if the goal changes.

I suspect the specifics will change, but as long as I’m getting a little something done every week, I’m good.

This Site

This site is supposed to be the central hub of my book selling business and it’s been lying fallow for years. That’s changing. My intent is to write 2-3 posts a week in an effort to build a community that (shh) might be early adopters of my fiction.

One post is an essay or a review of a work of fiction, the second is a chapter by chapter re-read of the Wheel of Time. The third is a TV episode post of some sort. I’m going to start with The Mandalorian and am eagerly anticipating doing the WoT on Prime show later this year.

You should see the first real post showing up on Jan 4 and it will, of course, be shared all over social.


I’m feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. I think I have mostly recovered from my wife’s death and it’s time I make something of this phase of my life.